Sea Transportation

Enatrans delivers all its import and export shipments from Turkish ports to other ports in the world and back in a fast, safe and economic way with its experienced team and special contracts.

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Air Transportation

Enatrans provides economic, fast and safe airway transportation services from all airports in Turkey to anywhere in the world with private contracts.

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Land Transportation

Transportations done with truck haulage services via Bulgaria Group Company between Turkey and European countries are delivered on time and with reasonable costs.

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Project Transportation

Enatrans able to carry goods that have over weight and volume (Out Of Gauge / OOG) with an expert and professional team.

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Multimodel Transportation

Enatrans delivers all import and export loads in a fast and economic way with Multimodel Transportation which is as fast as land route, more environmentalist and low cost without being affected by negative conditions of land route by using an integration of railway route and sea route.

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Storage Services

Enatrans provides bonded and not bonded warehouse services with private contracts via its overseas agency network. It provides all kinds of equipment and storage area necessary within or outside the port.

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Our Story

Enatrans is established in 2013 in İzmir as a result of 22 years of work and a high interest in forwarding industry.

Enatrans, which is on its way with the vision of being one of the leading brands in the industry since its establishment, is aiming to become a solution partner for import and export loads all over the world with its highly qualified, enthusiastic and hardworking staff, who is specialized in this field.

At the same time, by signing private freight contracts with leading ship owners in maritime industry, it provides long-term competitive freight guarantee to its business partners.

Apart from sea transportation; air, land, railway and multimodel transportation services are also given by Enatrans, guaranteeing to offer wide-range solution opportunities and economic logistic supply options with the support of its professional business partners in the global agency network.

Social Projects

Tomurcuk Charity – Enatrans International Logistics

Sosyal Sorumluluk

Contributing to society's awareness and sensitivity, supporting education, health and art activities as much as possible are some of our company’s basic principles. In our traditional new year calendars, we have been working with mentally disabled individuals for 2 years, creating wonderful works.

You can email us your community projects you seek support for.

Contact Us

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Şair Eşref Bulvarı Ragıp Şamlı İş Merkezi No:6 D:304 35230 İZMİR / TURKEY

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